Hout De Groote,
Four generations of know-how, craftsmanship, love and passion for wood!

  • Renowned family business
  • Guaranteed quality and service
  • Own drying capacity
  • Vast stock and continuity of supply
  • Fast delivery
  • Long term vision



Timber supplier Hout De Groote is a family owned business that started at the end of the 1890s as a carriage manufacturer named ‘The Plough’, led by Frans De Groote.
After Frans’ unexpected demise, his son and daughter, Prosper and Emma, took over the business and installed their first mechanical planer. The next generation, Frans and Andre De Groote, left the family business in 1967 to found a new company we still know today as Hout De Groote.
Current owners are Johan and Filip De Groote and here also succession is guaranteed!

Throughout the years Hout De Groote continued to grow and prosper and in 1998 they bought a large industrial plot of 20.000 m² in the industrial zone E17/3 in Lokeren. Here they built their own drying chambers and installed a full automatic planer. The site has become the heart of the import and export activities of Hout De Groote.
Thanks to the newest technologies Hout De Groote is able to handle large quantities and to give all partners the best quality and care